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Courier supports both Cocoapods and SPM for dependency manager. It is separated into 5 modules:

  • CourierCore: Contains public APIs such as protocols and data types for Courier. Other modules have basic dependency on this module. You can use this module if you want to implement the interface in your project without adding Courier implementation in your project.
  • CourierMQTT: Contains implementation of CourierClient and CourierSession using MQTT. This module has dependency to MQTTClientGJ.
  • MQTTClientGJ: A forked version of open source library MQTT-Client-Framework. It add several features such as connect and inactivity timeout. It also fixes race condition crashes in MQTTSocketEncoder and Connack status 5 not completing the decode before MQTTTransportDidClose got invoked bugs.
  • CourierProtobuf: Contains implementation of ProtobufMessageAdapter using Protofobuf. It has dependency to SwiftProtobuf library, this is optional and can be used if you are using protobuf for data serialization.
  • CourierMQTTChuck: Can be ussed to inspects all the outgoing or incoming packets for an underlying MQTT connection. It intercepts all the packets, persisting them and providing a UI for accessing all the MQTT packets sent or received. It also provides multiple other features like search, share, and clear data. Uses SwiftUI under the hood.


// Podfile
target 'Example-App' do
pod 'CourierCore'
pod 'CourierMQTT'
pod 'CourierProtobuf' #optional
pod 'CourierMQTTChuck' #optional

Swift Package Manager (SPM)

Simply add the package dependency to your Package.swift and depend on CourierCore and CourierMQTT in the necessary targets:

dependencies: [
.package(url: "", branch: "main")